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About Us

About Us

We are a Seychelles-based, international specialist insurance company that provides coverages for unique risks or specific areas within the gaming industry.

Glory Assurance International Limited has a depth of industry expertise across the gaming, insurance, blockchain and tech sectors which makes us well-suited to provide bespoke solutions to address specific risks that may not be adequately covered by general insurance policies.

Mission & Vision

“We firmly believe in creating a casual and relaxing environment that helps people get away from busy work, relax and fully enjoy the fun, while becoming their strongest support and eliminating all risks.”
“Our goal is to become the world's leading innovative gaming insurance company and build an entertainment empire with wide array of entertainment options, while providing absolute coverage for all our clients. Helping them leaving the busy city and step into another world full of ice pink colours, so that everyone can find the balance in life.”

Executive Leadership

Glory Assurance International Limited’s executive leadership team consists of some of the industry’s most experienced and capable professionals. Our executive team help to drive business, support our growth and most importantly, help our clients achieve their goals.

Our Roadmap

June – Underwriting for private games, tournaments and events for Special Insurance needs
September – Underwrites Special Insurance for Private companies and clients for own hosted games

October – Provides Special Insurance for private clients and companies

March – Concept development of Providing Special Insurance to masses on a unique entertainment product


June – Onboards partner for unique product and undergoing R&D phase and underwriting


March – Referral rewards launch for Mass and web-based system launched.Dapp Game on Hash blockchain launched, integrated with Glory Assurance International.
September – Onboard 2nd blockchain game
December – Underwrite private games/tournaments for Asia Market


April – Establishment of GA Asia HQ office in SEA
June – Launch of 2nd Insurance coverage; Travel Insurance
December – Furnish World Games System being the Sole Special Insurance provider in World Games Metaverse


March – Launch of new Insurance policy; Commercial Insurance & Indemnity Insurance
June – Setup of GA service office suites in different countries to service local existing clients
December – Begins filing for Listing of GA with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)


April – Launch of IPO for GA
June – Listed on HKEX


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